Country Style Home

A country style home designed for healthy living

Rural Australia can be a harsh environment, withnatural disasters, like bushfires and floods. But it can be the best place to live, provided you have a design that takes disasters into account, while taking advantage of natural heating and cooling.

Country homes can be truly special, unique and comfortable, with a country flavour. In harmony with the environment, but positioned to be as safe as possible from fire or flood damage. They should be well-insulated, naturally cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Designed and built for healthy living, with good airflow and non-toxic materials and finishes.

But it takes more than just a builder and a draftsman to design a country home that is both safe and environmentally friendly. You need someone with the skills and knowledge of an architectural professional.

We will start by listening closely to your needsand then visiting the site and taking note of the position the sun will face at different times of the year and other environmental factors like wind direction that will impact on the design.

We then select the right materials, that will allow airflow when it’s needed and insulation where needed. Materials that are safe and strong and do not release toxic gasses into the building. The resulting building will be your dream home turned into a reality – A healthy energy-efficient building, designed to blend in with the environment.

A visually appealing design that you have inspired.

Contact us now for the peace of mind, knowing your country home has been properly designed to your wishes and you will know exactly what to expect from your builder.

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