Holiday Accomodation

Designing Holiday Accommodation Guests Will Simply Love–ensuring they return again and again

It’s so important to stand out in the accommodation market, with so much competition. Margins are getting
finer as you have to pay commissions to booking websites like Agoda and you’re competing on price with
every other hotel in the area.

Guests now have the ability to give online reviews for the world to see with the click of a mouse – making it critical to ensure even the most difficult guests enjoy a great experience.

The accommodation facilities play a big role in this. Having attractive, modern facilities with character, will ensure that tourists will choose you over the competition. It will give you a much better return on investment than a tired, old property.

With electricity being a crippling overhead, it’s essential your property is as energy efficient as possible. It’s also very important that your accommodation is a healthy living space – Asthma and allergy attacks can make a stay very unpleasant for your guests, leading to bad reviews online and reduced bookings.

So whether you’re building new accommodation or renovating, engaging a good architectural professional will maximise your return on investment. It’s essential you engage someone with experience in accommodation projects and a passion for healthy building design and energy efficiency.

We will help you create something unique –magnificent facilities that stand out from competing properties. Your buildings will be as energy efficient as possible, saving you a fortune on electricity and gas. The accommodation will be designed for healthy living, ensuring guests have the best possible experience. And it will look unique.

It will be the best interpretation of your vision you can imagine.

We will also take care of council approval, building regulations and creating a watertight contract and tender documents for builders. This will ensure you can comfortably take the contractor with a lower quotation, safe in the knowledge that everything is properly documented so there will be no shortcuts.

Contact us today, to ensure your project will be delivered on time and on budget with a minimum of worry – allowing you to start getting a return on investment in the quickest possible time.

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