Renovate and Transform Your Old Home or Office into Something Magnificent?

When you love your home and your neighbourhood, but you need more space – or just a better design, it’s time
to plan a renovation. That way,youcan achieve your goals without having to shift home, pay agent fees and government stamp duties.

You may also have an investment property you’d like to renovate to prepare for sale!

This is the time to bring in an architectural professional. A good architect will ensure your vision is turned into a reality and save you money in the process, by ensuring space is maximised and the best materials are chosen to maintain the strength and integrity of the building.

And of course, a draftsman or builder will never get your home or building as attractive and functional as an architect will.

When we’re engaged to assist with a renovation, we listen carefully to your requirements and your vision and then work on a design, ensuring we minimise disruption to the structural integrity of the existing building, while maximising space, light and energy efficiency.

We help you work through council regulations and building codes and draw up plans that are so specific, they make it impossible for a building contractor to misinterpret and misquote.

You will be able to get the best quote and loan money accordingly, with the knowledge that the builder will use the correct materials and do the work as specified. In short you will get exactly what you wanted.

If required, we’ll also assist you with regular inspections on the work to ensure everything is being carried out correctly and you don’t just have to take the word of the builder. We will draw up a watertight contract for the builder with milestones and penalties that will encourage the builder to meet those milestones.

So contact us now, for peace of mind knowing your renovations are properly designed and managed – and you will have a home you can be proud of and one that will appreciate in value much faster that the homes around it.

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