Medical Surgery

Building The Best Possible New Surgery for Your Medical or Dental Practice

As a professional, you can sometimes feel like you’re in another world when you start trying to deal with builders
and draftsmen. You wish you could find someone who can communicate on your level, who you feel comfortable working with.

When you engage design professional, you’re dealing with somebody who takes a similar, ethical approach to you. You’ll get straight answers and someone who will deliver what they promise.

Most of our professional clients don’t have the time to navigate through the minefield of requirements necessary to complete a new surgery. Government legislation and council regulations alone can eat away huge chunks of your valuable time.

You also don’t want to stress of having to check on a builder all the time to ensure they’re doing the right thing and not taking short-cuts or using inferior products and you certainly don’t want to end up with a poorly designed building that makes staff and patients sick!

You want a surgery people will admire, one that does not resemble other houses or buildings in the neighbourhood. Something uniquely designed to your specifications and requirements. A building that improves the quality of life for occupants.

When you engage us, we will listen closely to your requirements, understand your vision – and then, drawing on their extensive experience, take it to another level. We are enthusiastic about making your building the best it can be.

Once the design is finalised, the specifications will be laid out in a contract and followed closely by the builder, so your hard earned money is not at risk.

If you want us to represent your interests throughout the project, we can also conduct regular inspections to ensure the correct materials are used, concrete is poured in the right conditions so it properly cures without cracking and nothing is compromised.

Contact us now, to help you create a beautiful architecturally designed surgery that gives you a better quality of life always appreciates at a higher rate than the buildings around it.

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