Save money and avoid budget blowouts

Seven of the easiest ways to save money though design


Building Single Level Multi-level construction increases the cost of building significantly, and is an unnecessary waste of money when not needed. Land in regional areas is often much cheaper to buy than having to build up because the site is too small. This is a very important consideration when looking at block of land to buy; will it fit what I need in single storey construction?


North Facing Ongoing costs of a building are significantly impacted by this simple matter of orientation. This is a fundamental design issue, and when the building is oriented correctly, it will them be in tune with nature. The sun will be a lot easier to design for in the various seasons; Photo-voltaic and solar panels on the roof will then have the correct orientation and won’t need ugly and expensive frames for adjustment to the North. The amount of wall area facing the harshest sun from the east and west will be minimised, keeping the cost of heating and cooling well down.


Conventional Construction It is always a lot cheaper to build in methods and materials that local builders are familiar with. Whenever a builder is uncertain about a construction technique or material, it will slow them down in the construction, and hence increase prices when being quoted for. If tradesmen need to be brought in to do the job, you will then be up for their accommodation expenses and living away from home costs or significant travel costs.


Eliminate Summer Sun, maximise Winter Sun If you have orientated the building correctly, this becomes so much easier, but still needs to be designed for. To reduce heating and cooling costs, the design needs to eliminate all summer sun from getting to a glass window / door and during winter, designing to maximise the amount of sun into the building. Electricity prices are now rising steeply and users of poorly designed buildings are now realising the costs associated with this. This is so easily designed for; it is almost criminal to throw money away for by not taking it into account.


Establish Breeze paths Perceived comfort levels can be lowered by about 7 degrees with a nice breeze going through the room. This is significant when one considers the cost involved with lowering the temperature this much with an air-conditioner. However the wind won’t take a tortuous route through a building, fairly direct pathways need to be included in the design, and also importantly, designed to be where the user will be best able to enjoy these breezes. Louvre’s are a very useful means of directing air flow, also the correct window design/selection for picking up breezes is very important. The downwind openings should be generally twice the size of upwind openings


Eliminate Wasted Space the wasted dollars on unnecessary floor area can be huge. Once we had to advise a client that the verandah they wanted to surround the home with was about one third the cost of the whole house. Passageways can generally be eliminated when the rooms are arranged in an efficient manner. Too many people want spaces they may only use once a year, good design can eliminate these spaces totally with making other spaces to be more versatile and multi-functional. Often a Laundry can just be a cupboard in a suitable location, the list is endless….


Think Ahead with a little bit of foresight, it is not difficult to plan ahead for future contingencies. Simple things as additional wall framing for future grab rails in bathrooms will save a lot of expense. How are the spaces going to be used when the kids have left home or the tennant moves out of a commercial property can suggest some very easy design changes which will save many future dollars

There are many different ways of achieving cost savings in the design of buildings, these are some of the most obvious and easy to incorporate into a design. None of these techniques above should cost you any more to build.

If your designer is not able to achieve all of the above, a Registered Architect is one of the most qualified professionals in the building industry and will be able to ensure you can capitalise on all these money saving techniques.

The Cost of poor design remains long after the sweetness of low price has disappeared !!

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