Thank You and Congratulations


It’s Richard Van Dorp,

Congratulations on ordering this very important information on building your new home, office or investment property. Your beautifully printed documents are being packed and will be posted to you shortly. You should receive them within 3 – 5 days.

Please take the time to read this information, it could save you a lot of money and stress.

I deal with people all the time who have made the mistake of hiring a draftsman or relying on a builder and find they don’t have what they wanted and too late – to get what they originally anticipated, they are faced with spending a small fortune.

The best time to ensure everything is correct is right at the planning stage. Before you turn a single shovel of dirt on the building site. So stop now and read the guide as soon as it arrives.

I look forward to your feedback and the possibility of helping you in the near future!

Warm regards,
Richard Van Dorp

Founder and Principal Architect,
Richard Van Dorp Architects Pty. Ltd.

PS: This is your chance to free yourself from the burden of the building process and the dire consequences of getting it wrong!