The Process

The Process of Turning Your Vision into a Reality

The methodical step-by-step process we use to ensure your new home or building exceeds your expectations!
  • Initial consultation and cost assessment
    We meet face-to-face or by phone to discuss why you are building and how you envisage getting your project built, we establish if you already have a builder, want to tender the project to several builders or want to owner build. We discuss the site and any limitations or challenges it presents. We establish a scope of works and then give you an estimate of fees. If accepted, we will ask for a deposit and begin work, preparing a briefing document based on our discussion.

  • Site visitation and project discussion
    We meet you on site to discuss the project and view first-hand the lay of the land and any challenges the lot presents. We review pictures of things you like/want in your design you may have brought with you.

  • Preliminary design
    We then create a preliminary design based on your ideas, our discussion and the images you’ve provided us. This can be presented face-to-face or electronically and it can be discussed face-to-face or by phone, skype or web conference. Changes or modifications are decided at that briefing.

  • Final designs
    Design changes are made and designs are finalised. We then meet to discuss the design modifications, with any further changes or modifications discussed.

  • Drawing up contracts and seeking council approval
    Detailed contracts, council applications and tender documents are drawn up. All necessary applications are lodged with council and government. We advertise or invite builders to tender. This process may take weeks depending on complexity of the project and council response

  • Tender assessment
    We assess all tenders provided and responses from council and write up recommendations for you. Once you have selected the builder you want, the project can commence.

  • Getting the project built
    If you contract us to conduct inspections to ensure the builder does everything properly, we continue working with you until the project is completed.

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