We Believe

The Advantage of Working with Us

We Guarantee Our Work 100%

If you’re not 100% satisfied with our designs we will cheerfully refund your money!

Enjoy living and working in a healthy, energy efficient environment

Your family, guests or clients will feel comfortable and relaxed, with good airflow and healthy non-toxic materials.

Save money and avoid budget blowouts

The planning stage is always the best place to ensure your budget is contained…

People spend a lot of money on decorations and furniture in order to fix up the spaces they live and work in. And quite rightly so — it is extremely important for our emotional wellbeing to have supportive places of habitation that are in tune with our needs, emotions, personal style and heritage for a fulfilled life.

Our mission is therefore to provide our clients with personalised, fully-interactive involvement from initial conceptualisation through to the finished design in ‘see what it actually looks like’ 3D imagery. We are always striving to express your individuality, your personality and your passion in life.

Richard’s design philosophy is simple: the project belongs to the client. Every client is different, and your needs and aspirations will drive our work on your behalf. Choosing the right architect for your project can make all the difference.

Our clients deal one-on-one with the principal designer from start to finish. As a sole practitioner, Richard is able to provide a service where communication, control and responsibility are personal. Developing strong relationships with our clients and involving them at every stage of the project is seen as essential to a successful outcome.