Why Architect

Why You Need an Architect

If you’re building a new home, office, commercial property or holiday accommodation facilities, you need an architect – unless you don’t care about quality and are happy to take whatever the builder or draftsman dishes up to you.

The old myth that an architect can cost you more is simply untrue. Here’s why:
  • The best place to save money on anything is in the planning stage – this is where an architect excels. They will identify cost savings by making the design more efficient and giving you more space with a smaller overall building footprint.
  • An architect who specializes in energy efficient buildings can save you thousands of dollars each year in energy bills.
  • When an architect draws up your plans and tender documents, everything is clearly specified, so you can be sure every building contractor is quoting on the same job – so you can confidently take a cheaper quote, knowing the contractor must legally deliver the same quality.
  • You minimise the possibility of unforeseen complications in the building process that can blow out your budget.
  • The architect can organise all necessary council permits and ensure everything conforms to Local Government and Council requirements.

Why is an architect so much better, when many draftsmen and even interior designers assure you they can do the job properly?

Real architects:
  • Are highly-qualified professionals,
  • Have at least five years’ tertiary education covering all aspects of design and construction,
  • Have a minimum of two years’ industry experience,
  • Have undergone further rigorous testing prior to formal registration under the respective Architects Act
  • Are members of the Australian Institute of Architects, and
  • Are covered by $10Million Professional Indemnity insurance.

Here’s a case study illustrating the difference a qualified architect can make to a project:

A bank manager was blissfully showing off his new office after their building had been renovated. He was at the end of the new additions on an external wall, but didn’t have a nice big window overlooking the city, in fact he had no window at all. When asked why, he seemed a bit confused and said the draftsman who had designed the building advised you couldn’t have windows there because of the fire regulations.

Had an architect been involved, they would have had enough knowledge of the commercial building code to know how to include a window while still complying with fire regulations. Had a window been included, it would have completely transformed the office, made the building more valuable and increased the amount it could have commanded in rent.

The advantages of involving a professional architect don’t end at the planning stage – A qualified Architect has relevant professional training, expertise and experience to manage the entire design and construction process, from start to finish. This ensures contractors working on the project do not take shortcuts and the finished project will reflect the quality you paid for and expect.

As well as having an intimate knowledge of design and structural engineering, our architects understand the impact design can have on your health and lifestyle – we ensure there is adequate ventilation and specify the use of materials that are non-toxic.

And finally, architecturally designed buildings are always more desirable to buyers…so the initial investment you make more than pays for itself with higher resale value.

So contact us now, for peace of mind knowing your project will be properly designed and managed, you will save money and the building will appreciate more, maximising your return on investment.

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